Welcome to my website ‘Milot Mafteach’ (Key Words)
Content writing services, inter organizational communication and poetry


My name is Osnat Mirel Oron, I was born in 1978. 
I am a mother of two sweet children.
I love organizations, relationships and communication.

I was born with a passion and excitement about the written word, I live and breathe it in my heart, day by day, hour by hour.
When I write, my eyes shine, my breath quickens, and my body senses become vivid. 
I feel passionate about the written word and believe that when an organization find the key words that resonate with people’s needs, it can create a feeling of connection and engagement.

I have a MA in Organizational Sociology from Ben Gurion University and BA in Behavioral Science from the College of Management.                                                                      I have completed courses in LinkedIn content management to improve engagement, creative writing and art therapy.

I have broad experience in human resource processes, managing the employee life cycle with a deep understanding of labor law. 
                                                                    One of my strengths is the creation of a positive employee experience improving employee retention, through interpersonal and written communication,                                    while maintaining a strong connection to the values, needs and culture of the organization.

In my last position I was the focal point for 300 employees in various high-tech industries. 
I created and managed the evaluation process, negotiated terms of employment and salary increases.                                                                                                                  I was also
 responsible for the employee incentive budget, which included organizing events and round-tables.

I have an extensive experience in content writing and feel passionate about the written word.                                                                                                                                I managed
 the internal training program 'Aman University’ which included writing the syllabus content. 
I was responsible for organizational portal and its content.

I am a people person and also mission driven, a creative thinker and have a strong sense of service. 

I bring with me an open heart, integrity, authenticity, initiative, dedication and high emotional intelligence.

I believe in expressing and bringing heart into writing and all encounters with people. 

From my vast experience, both in working with people and in content writing, I believe that by listening to people’s desires and needs ,                                                                  while paying attention to the details, one can motivate people and improve processes to get employees on board with a sense of devotion and commitment.

The services I offer:

Content writing specializing in organization keywords:

* Leading inter organizational communication projects. Using keywords to  connect employees to the organization.

* Writing organization content, storytelling, posts and articles for social media, the website and internal portal.

Proofing and editing services.

Writing strategic and inspiring speeches.

Content writing for individuals to discover their heart keywords:

* One-on-one writing sessions and/or workshops, assisting you on your journey towards finding the exact keywords to create and strengthen inspiration.

* Writing exciting and meaningful songs for creators, singers, films, birthdays, greetings.

Poetry and inspirational evenings.

Community contribution

Once a quarter, I choose a voluntary project, for example, writing a speech/ post for a non-profit company, writing dedications to commemorate the life of loved ones.


To explore further, you can contact me:

Osnat Mirel Oron, [email protected]

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